NOTICE: A full Fire Ban is in effect throughout Thorhild County. Current fire hazards are considered extreme.
 The following are prohibited during the Fire Ban: Outdoor fires including: open fires, brush piles, smudge fires, solid fuel fire pits, campfires, burn barrels, incinerators, explosive targets, and the discharge of fireworks.
 Operating an Off-Highway Vehicle on Public Lands which is not part of emergency response operations is also now prohibited.
 Thorhild County urges everyone to recognize and proactively eliminate any possible outdoor sources of heat and ignition.
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Seniors Housing

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Newthorad Seniors Housing Foundation

Newthorad Seniors Housing Foundation is a registered non-profit organization dedicated to the provision and management of a basic level of affordable housing to senior citizens who require it for financial, social or other reasons.

Thorhild Lodge – 41 rooms
(Single, double, accessible)
Street Address:  302-2 Avenue, Thorhild, Alberta
Contact:  780-398-3556

Byron Manor Thorhild- 8 self-contained.
Street Address:  201-3 Street, Thorhild Alberta
Contact:  780-398-3556

Twilight Haven Thorhild     A & B – 8 self-contained
Street Address:  202 & 206 - 3 Street
Contact:  780-398-3556

Golden View Radway         A & B – 8 self-contained

Silver Horizons Newbrook-4 self-contained

Community Housing-2 units


Radway Continuing Care

An accredited facility operated by Alberta Health Services that offers long-term residential care for people who can no longer live at home or in an assisted living centre.

30 Spaces which include:


One Bedroom


Couples Suite

Who provides care?

Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Health Care Aides, and other healthcare professionals depending on the individual needs.

Additional Information

Street Address: 5002 – 52 Street Radway   

Contact: 780-736-3740

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