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Subdivision and Development Appeal Board Hearings

Subdivision and Development Appeal Board Hearings

The Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB) is a quasi-judicial board established under the Municipal Government Act to make decisions on development or subdivision appeals.

The SDAB hears appeals from municipal subdivision and development authorities. SDAB decisions shape the community and affect the lives of developers, neighbours, citizens and businesses. It is important that the public have confidence in the quality of these decisions and the decision making process. 

You can appeal a development or subdivision decision made by Thorhild County if you:

  • Are refused a development permit or subdivision application
  • Are not satisfied with the conditions of approval
  • Feel you are adversely impacted by a development decision
  • Are issued a stop order

A hearing will be held within 30 days from the date the appeal was filed. The SDAB will give their decision in writing within 15 days of the hearing. Once the SDAB has reached a decision, it is final, and no other appeals can be made at the municipal level.  In certain circumstances, an appeal of a subdivision application must be made to the Land and Property Rights Tribunal according to regulations in Alberta's Municipal Government Act.

To appeal a decision, you need to complete the Notice of Subdivision Appeal form and submit it to the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB) within 21 days of the date of decision.

Carol Revega
Clerk, Subdivision and Development Appeal Board
Thorhild County
Box 10
Thorhild, AB, T0A 3J0


Subdivision and Development Appeal Board Hearing Agenda - June 21, 2022 commencing at 9:30am.

You can listen to the Hearing on zoom by clicking the link

To phone into a meeting, call: 1-587-328-1099, key in 885 4149 5764,

press pound (#), disregard the message to enter participant ID, press pound (#)

Meeting ID: 885 4149 5764
Passcode: 855921

If you have issues logging into the zoom meeting, please contact Christiane at 780-398-3741 Ext 2812.  Thank you.

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