NOTICE: A full Fire Ban is in effect throughout Thorhild County. Current fire hazards are considered extreme.
 The following are prohibited during the Fire Ban: Outdoor fires including: open fires, brush piles, smudge fires, solid fuel fire pits, campfires, burn barrels, incinerators, explosive targets, and the discharge of fireworks.
 Operating an Off-Highway Vehicle on Public Lands which is not part of emergency response operations is also now prohibited.
 Thorhild County urges everyone to recognize and proactively eliminate any possible outdoor sources of heat and ignition.
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Our History

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Our History

Thorhild County was formerly the Thorhild School Division No. 57, which was created from parts of the Smoky Lake, Westlock and Sturgeon School Divisions.

Under the County Act passed in the early 1950’s, either a municipal district or school division, or both as a joint application if the boundaries were conterminous could make application to the government for County status.

Thorhild School Division made that application, resulting in the establishment of County of Thorhild No. 7 effective January 1, 1955.

There were seven county divisions; and the school committee included all council member plus representatives from the Town of Redwater, Thorhild Village and Radway Village.

A vigorous road construction program was the immediate important attention of the new Council.  There was also a flurry of building activity on the school division side.  New classrooms, with sizable gymnasiums, home economics, woodwork shops and administrative areas were constructed in Newbrook, Radway, Redwater and Thorhild.

The County Administration continued in the School Division office until two fires one on Boxing Day 1962 and a second smaller fire, necessitated a complete renovation and a sizable addition.  Accommodation was provided for a District Agriculturalist, Home Economist and Sturgeon Health Unit Office.

1950's thru the 80's

The Radway Seed Cleaning Plant was built in the late 1950’s.  In the 1970’s a natural gas utility system was installed as a municipal utility.

Thorhild Seniors Lodge opened on June 15, 1971 and over the years subsequent self contained housing units were built in Newbrook, Radway, and Thorhild.

Thorhild Academic Vocation High School was built in Thorhild in 1969, with high school students being bussed from Newbrook and Radway.  Currently the school accommodates kindergarten to grade 12.

In 1976 a petition was signed by ratepayers in Division 1 and the Town of Redwater, requested transfer from the County of Thorhild to Municipal District of Sturgeon County No. 90.  On September 6, 1977 an order was issued by the Provincial Government where Division 1 became part of the Municipal District of Sturgeon County.

Over the years Long Lake Hamlet and Long Lake Ski Hill were developed and a municipal campground at Halfmoon Lake.  In 1987, a new County Administration Building was constructed on the same location as the former building.


The Village of Radway dissolved on December 31, 1996 and reverted to hamlet status within the County of Thorhild.

School boards were regionalized in 1995, with merger of Thorhild, Athabasca, Smoky Lake County School Boards into Aspen View Public Schools.

Various regional water lines have been constructed to provide potable water from the capital region (Edmonton) to Egremont, Thorhild, Newbrook, and Radway.


The Village of Thorhild dissolved on April 1, 2009 and reverted to hamlet status within the County of Thorhild.

In 2013 the County of Thorhild No.7 name was changed to Thorhild County.

1955 County Council
Back Row: (L - R)  H. Hissett, A. Eckert, P. Kassian, B. Sauchuk, B. Ewasiw, C. Polanski
Front Row: (L - R)  W. Horne, J. Wynnychuk, M. Hrynchuk, A. Myroon


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