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Why invest in Thorhild County?


Excellent market access, available land, lower operating costs, natural tourism destination

  • Less than an hour from Edmonton and on your way to Alberta’s oil sands.
  • A healthy agricultural sector with an excellent climate for in-demand crops.
  • Natural areas that already attract tourism.

Thorhild County is rich with so many undiscovered advantages. We want to do more to attract your investment.

With effective zoning, a low tax rate, and business incentives you don’t find elsewhere, we’re working to put Thorhild County on the map for development.

Easy access to Edmonton and Alberta’s oil sands

Thorhild County is fortunate to sit within a quality network of primary highways and also have an active rail corridor running through it.

  • Highway 63 connects us to Fort McMurray and the Athabasca Oil Sands.
  • Highway 28 leads to the Cold Lake Oil Sands northeast.
  • The CN Railway corridor passes through the hamlet of Thorhild, connecting us to Edmonton in the south and Fort McMurray to the north.

And we’re already a popular commuter community for Fort McMurray and Alberta Industrial Heartland workers who enjoy our small town, country life.




Deliver your goods easily to market from here too.

With its cost-effective transportation system and lower land costs, Thorhild County is ideally located for business investment.


                  Click image for larger map
*Source: Alberta HUB 
Available industrial and commercial land

The Thorhild Industrial Area Structure Plan provides approximately 147 hectares (363 acres) of available land for both industrial and business park subdivisions northeast and just outside of the Hamlet of Thorhild.

This land area is close to three phase power, existing municipal infrastructure and Alberta’s Industrial Heartland.

Commercial lots are also for sale. Any lots located east of Thorhild have access to Edmonton water. Contact the County Office or see our currently available lots for sale in Public Notices under County News.


Electrical Provider(s)  North Parkland Power, Fortis Alberta
Electrical Capacity  North Parkland Power Ph. (780) 398-2000
Natural Gas Provider(s)  Thorhild County Natural Gas Utility
Natural Gas Capacity     Thorhild County; Ph. (780) 398-2811
Water Capacity
Waste/Sewage Capacity
Broadband Provider(s)  CCI, MCSNet, XplorNet
Broadband Capacity    Up: To 2 Mb/s; Down: To 20 Mb/s

Lower operating costs and incentives

  • Business licences no longer required.
  • A Business Incentive Grant program that supports development and encourages permanent employment opportunities within Thorhild County. .
  • A bylaw for non-residential small businesses that provides a sub-class taxation rate. 

We’re committed to removing barriers and lowering your costs of doing business in Thorhild County. 

Review our business incentive bylaws in full here. 

Value-added agriculture opportunities

Agriculture makes up Thorhild County’s largest occupational sector at 40%. This includes mixed and crop farming with close to 185,000 acres (2016) in cultivated land. Most farms are sole proprietorships and family owned.

Natural opportunities:

  • Thorhild County’s growing conditions are excellent for pulse crops and seeded acres of dry field peas saw a 387% increase over 2011 to 2016 (latest stat available).
  • The climate here is also ideal for growing hemp, quinoa and faba beans.
  • Poultry farming grew 120% between 2011 and 2016, providing great opportunity for value-added processing.

The value of agricultural land in Thorhild County in 2021 is listed at $1,861/acre. (Source: Alberta Agriculture)

Ideal climate, lower operating costs and easy market access make Thorhild County an excellent choice for value-added agriculture investment.

Value-added tourism & recreation opportunities

Thorhild County is also a summer and winter recreation destination for Albertans.

  • Beautiful lakes, beaches and camping at Long Lake Provincial Park and Half Moon Lake attract thousands of visitors to the county every summer.
  • White Earth Valley Natural Area is a 5,000-acre wilderness and ecological reserve with hiking, biking and horseback trail riding in the summer… and Nordic skiing and snowmobiling in the winter.
  • Even alpine skiing is an option at Long Lake Ski-Hill.

On top of it all, Thorhild County is home to greenhouses and u-pick berry farms and local businesses like a paintball park and a golf and RV resort.

We have room for more.

Contact Thorhild County Economic Development today.

Carol Revega, Director, County Services
Phone: 780-398-3741 ext. 2808



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