NOTICE: A full Fire Ban is in effect throughout Thorhild County. Current fire hazards are considered extreme.
 The following are prohibited during the Fire Ban: Outdoor fires including: open fires, brush piles, smudge fires, solid fuel fire pits, campfires, burn barrels, incinerators, explosive targets, and the discharge of fireworks.
 Operating an Off-Highway Vehicle on Public Lands which is not part of emergency response operations is also now prohibited.
 Thorhild County urges everyone to recognize and proactively eliminate any possible outdoor sources of heat and ignition.
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Animal Control

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Animal Control & Licensing

The Animal Control Bylaw promotes and supports responsible pet ownership.  The capture of stray dogs and attempting to locate the owners are also functions of Enforcement Services. 

Any dog living within Thorhild County Hamlets over the age of six (6) months is required to have a license.   All dogs must wear their license  tag when off the owners property.   No more than three (3) dogs of an age more than six (6) months shall be registered or kept in a household/property.  The License is a one time charge that lasts the lifetime of the dog.


Neutered or Spayed Dog: $30.00

Unaltered Dog: $60.00

Assistance or Police Dog: FREE

Replacement Tags: $10.00


  • Ensure your dog(s) are licensed.
  • When off their owner’s property, animals must be under control by means of a leash. 
  • ​Animal owners are required to pick up after their pets on any public or private property including their own yard, neighbour’s yards, parks, sidewalks, roads, etc.
  • Pet owners must not allow animal feces to accumulate in their yard.
  • Owners must ensure their animals do not become a nuisance by barking, howling or creating noise that may disturb a person.  


Barking is natural for dogs. Dogs bark when they are bored, to communicate with other dogs, lonely, or want to alert their owners to something, but excessive barking can disturb your neighbors.  Barking can often be resolved by dog training, socializing, exercising, and family interaction. If a resident is being disturbed by someone else’s pet, and discussion with the owner is not able to resolve the matter,  Enforcement Services can have further discussions with the owner.

Dogs are considered at large when they are not under the care and control of their owner.

Dog owners must keep control of their dog when off their property in both rural and urban areas. 

A pet’s licence is their ticket home so ensure your contact information is up to date so you can be reunited with your loved one.   If a lost dog is found wearing its license tag, the County will use the information in their records to contact the owner before the dog is impounded.  Thorhild County residents who have lost their dog, or have found one, can call 1-825-845-2020.  Be sure to also check with nearby Veterinary Clinics and Rescue organizations.




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