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If you are starting a new business or making changes to an existing one, there are some essential rules and regulations that you will need to consider in order to operate your business within Thorhild County. All businessess require a business license if conducting business within the County.  Being completely informed of the required permits will assist in a smooth process to get your business operational.  Home business, contractors and temporary services also fall under this Bylaw.

Prior to obtaining a Business License, you may be required to apply for a Development Permit before you commence any business operations.

Development permits will be required if you are starting a new business, with a few exceptions (contact us for details) or if you are making changes to your existing infrastructure. 

Resident Business 

Resident businesses require licenses for commercial, industrial and institutional operations within Thorhild County. They are also required for home occupations and home offices within the County.

Commercial, Industrial or Institutional Business

If you are changing the use of an existing business space or moving to a new location you will need to apply for a development permit before a business license can be issued.  

Home Occupation

If you increase vehicle and/or pedestrian traffic to your home or have goods/materials stored on-site as a result of your business, you require development approval for a home occupation before a business license can be issued.

Non-resident Business 

A non-resident business license is required for businesses whose business location is outside of the municipal boundaries of Thorhild County but who operate in part, or wholly, within County limits. This includes all contractors and sub-contractors. 

Single Construction Business License

Contractors that will be engaged in a construction build must have a business license.   


Peddlers & hawkers must have a business license to sell their wares within Thorhild County. You will need to contact the County and get approval of the location you are requesting. 

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