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 Current Fire Ban/Advisory Status


August 30, 2022 at 12:01 p.m.    

Fire Permits

Please Note:   Due to the current fire status, fire permits are not being issued and all existing fire permits are suspended. Permited burn barrels are still allowed with  extreme care. Please check fire status regularly for updates.

Thorhild County Fire Guardians are:

  • Denis Poulin - Fire Chief
  • Nathan Sturrock  - Deputy Fire Chief
  • John Erdman - Firefighter

All residents must have a fire permit before lighting any fires (including burn barrels) with the exception of:

  1. (a)   a Recreational Fire; or
  2. (b)   a Smudge Fire;
    provided that:
  3. (c)   the receptacle containing the fire is a minimum of five (5) meters from all buildings, structures, property lines, and combustible materials;
  4. (d)   the fire is kept under control and supervised at all times by a responsible adult Person until such time that the fire has been completely extinguished; and
  5. (e)   flame height does not exceed ninety (90) centimeters above the structure or container.

Fire Permits are required throughout the entire year.  A Fire Guardian will take into consideration the nature and purpose of the fire, prevailing circumstances and environmental conditions prior to issuing a Fire Permit.  A Fire Permit shall only be valid for the time period expressly indicated on the Permit.

Prior to issuance of a Fire Permit for brush piles /windrows the applicant must adhere to the following;

  1. (a)   Windrows must not exceed 60 metres in length a be separated by a minimum eight metre break between each windrow.
  2. (b)   Windrows and brush piles must be at least 25 metres from any uncleared land or vegetation,
  3. (c)   Parallel windrows must be separated from other parallel windows by not less than 15 metres.
  4. (d)   A fireguard 15 metres wide and cleared down to the mineral soil must completely surround the area.
  5. (e)   Windows and brush piles cannot be more than 6 metres wide.
  6. (f)   Maximum of 5 windrows or brush piles to be burned at once.

Prior to issuance of a Fire Permit for demolished buildings applicant must adhere to the following;

  1. (a)    demolition permit must be obtained from the County;
  2. (b)    all Prohibited Debris must be removed.
  3. (c)    building must be demolished to the ground.

Fireworks - No Person shall sell, purchase, possess, handle, discharge, fire or set off Fireworks within the County unless they hold a valid Fireworks Permit.  The issuance of a Fireworks Permit shall be at the sole discretion of the Fire Chief.  An application for a Fireworks Permit shall be made in writing on the form provided.

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