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Property Safety Tips

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Safety Tips

Lock it 

ALWAYS lock your vehicles, your home and your garage or any other outside shed or building on your property, even when you are home.  Something as simple as an unlocked door is more than enough for some criminals to use that opportunity to strike.  By locking your doors and reducing the opportunity by adding an additional deterrent, criminals may instead go search for an easier, more opportunistic target.

Light it  

Light is a great deterrent for criminals looking for the opportunity to remain hidden or who are looking for houses or businesses that have no one home. Reduce the opportunity - turn on your lights.  At night always have your porch light on and use outdoor lighting to brighten dark areas around your property that may have less visibility such as stairways, alleys, hallways or behind sheds or your garage.  Installing motion lights and/or cameras can be enough to prevent a potential intruder from targeting your property.

Hide it 

Reduce the opportunity - keep your valuables out of sight and out of mind.  Protect yourself and your belongings with quality window coverings, blinds or curtains and consider frosted treatments on garage or shed windows.  Never hide spare keys under a doormat or in a planter, instead keep them with a trusted neighbour or friends of the family.

Secure it 

By installing high quality locks on exterior doors, you reduce your risk of criminals taking the time to break through the lock.  Use window locks and use pieces of wood to prevent a sliding windows or patio doors from being forced open.

Remove it 

Never leave your valuables in your vehicle, especially a wallet, purse or other expensive items. Many criminals will scope out what is on the seats of your vehicle and if it is worth the risk, it may be worth them breaking into the vehicle.  Reduce your risk and keep all valuables out of sight!

Always be cautious when placing boxes from big ticket items such as a new television out for recycling as it may bring unwanted attention to your home.  Consider breaking the boxes down entirely and placing them into blue recycling bags to put out on the day of recycling pick up or take them directly to one of the transfer stations.

Share it 

Get to know your neighbours! By building a network of support right in your own neighbourhood, you reduce the risk of becoming a victim of property crime.  Neighbours with a good relationship look out for one another and are more likely to be alerted to suspicious activity around your home, especially when they know you aren't there.

Report it 

See something suspicious? Contact the RCMP at 780-942-3600.  If it's an emergency or crime in progress, always call 911.

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