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Community Standards

The Enforcement Services Department handles all calls for Unsightly and Untidy Properties within Thorhild County.

Although most County residents take great pride in the appearance of their property, Community Standards Bylaw provides regulations respecting the following matters within Thorhild County:

  • The safety, health and welfare of people and the protection of people and property;
  • Nuisances, including unsightly property;
  • People, activities and things in, on or near a public place or a place that is open to the public

Below is a summary of regulations found in the Bylaw:

  • A person shall not cause or permit a nuisance to exist on property they own or occupy.  A nuisance includes property that shows signs of a serious disregard for general maintenance and upkeep, whether or not it is detrimental to the surrounding area, examples of which include but not limited to:
    • excessive accumulation of loose garbage, yard waste, bottles, cans, boxes, household furniture, packaging materials, parts of machinery, equipment, appliances and automobile parts.
    • keeping of damaged, dismantled or derelict vehicles.
    • Long or unkempt grass and accumulation of weeds. 
    • Accumulation of offensive material. This includes animal remains, animal feces and materials that create unpleasant odors or are likely to attract pests.
  • Refrigerators and freezers stored outside must be locked or have the doors removed and must not be visible from outside the property.
  • Building materials are not allowed to accumulate unless the owner can establish that construction or renovation is taking place or imminent. The materials must be stacked in an orderly manner and the amount of material must be reasonable for the planned project.
  • A person shall remove snow and ice from any sidewalk adjacent to property they own or occupy within 48 hours after the snow or ice has been deposited.
  • A person shall not cause or permit any noise that, in the opinion of a Peace Officer having regard for the circumstances, disturbs the peace of another individual.


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