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Driveway Snowplowing

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Driveway Snowplowing

Thorhild County operates a driveway snow removal program for residents (excluding hamlets) who register and pay for flags. Clearing of snow on public roads takes precedence over plowing driveways. Although the County will try to clear driveways on the second pass on the road, after a snowfall, all County roads must be open before driveways will be plowed.

Driveway snow clearing does not involve snow clearing of yard. Driveway clearing consists of one pass in and out on the driveway. If custom cleaning is required, the resident should make arrangements with a private contractor.

If there is a possibility of an emergency situation occurring, alternate arrangements should be made in advance for a private contractor.

Snowplow Easements and Flag Purchases

Persons wishing to register for driveway cleaning must sign an easement, pick up and pay for a flag, and place it at the end of the driveway after the storm has passed, in a location where it is visible to the grader operator. 


  • The fee for each flag is $35.00 and is good for one pass in and one pass back out. Clearing in front of garages or turnabouts is not included.
  • Senior residents (65+)* $20.00 per flag.
  • *(must physically live on the property and area able to provide age verification via birth certificate, driver's license or other government issued id.

Driveways must be clear of rocks along the sides, over hanging trees and power lines must be at a minimum height of 15’ from the highest point of the road surface to the lowest point of the power line that the equipment must pass under. If these conditions are not met, graders will not plow the driveway.

Easements are effective from October 1st of one year to September 30th of the following year (i.e. Oct. 1, 2017 – Sept. 30, 2018). Easements can be signed and flags picked up at the Public Works office and Administration office during business hours.

An unused flag may be carried over from one year to the next, but a new easement must be signed every year. For more information, please see Policy 934 – Driveway Snowplowing.

Contact 780-398-3741 for more information. 

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