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Fire Permit

Fire Permit Application

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All burning must be in compliance with Thorhild County Emergency Services Bylaw 16-2020, Forest and Prairie Protection Act and Regulation of Alberta. In addition to the above legislation, every person who sets a fire under authority of a permit shall:

  1. Keep the permit at the site of the fire,
  2. Produce and show the permit to a fire guardian, or peace officer on request,
  3. Keep fire under control at all times,
  4. Unless otherwise authorized by a fire guardian, ensure a responsible person is in attendance at the site of the fire to supervise the fire until it has been extinguished,
  5. Extinguish the fire before expiration of the permit, upon cancellation or suspension of the permit, or by order of the Fire Chief/Fire Guardian.
  6. Burning not permitted with winds over 15km/hr.
  7. Adequate water supply and/or equipment in order to control or extinguish fire.
  8. No more than 5 piles are to be burned (smouldering) at any one time
  9. Permit holder must seek prior permission from the land owner if burning is to be on lands not directly owned by the applicant, prior to burning

The following conditions as determined by a Fire Guardian may apply to your permit as well:

  • Contact Fortis or your local Power Utility if burning near or under power lines. (Fortis: 310-wire, North Parkland Power: 780-398-2000)
  • Contact Emcon and acquire road signage if within 0.8 km (1/2 mile) of a Provincial highway. (1‐780‐202‐0217)
  • Contact Utility Safety Partners (formerly Alberta One-Call) to ensure burning is not performed over critical infrastructure such as gas lines or decommissioned wells. (1-800-242-3447)
  • Any other conditions the Fire Guardian deems to be in the best interest of public safety.


Failure to follow the above conditions may result in a fine, and or imprisonment and/or recovery of suppression costs. Supplying false information, when applying for a fire permit is considered an offence and will be treated as such.

Notice: The Fire Guardian or Fire Chief Reserves the right to deny, suspend or cancel any fire permit on reasonable and probable grounds that a public interest risk exists. All fire permits shall be valid for such period of time as set forth by the fire guardian but shall not exceed fourteen (14) days.

By submitting this application for a fire permit:

The permit holder agrees to indemnify and save harmless Thorhild County from all liability arising out of operations authorized by this permit. The permitee agrees to pay the cost of firefighting all fires caused by any violation of any conditions set out in this fire permit. As per Thorhild County Emergency Services Bylaw, upon emergency services being provided, the county may charge the person or persons causing or contributing to the incident or the owner or the occupant of the lands on which the incident occurred.

The permit holder agrees to all additional conditions imposed by the assigned Fire Guardian on the final fire permit as soon as they start their burn. No exceptions or exemptions from the final fire permit will be permitted.

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