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Reeve & Council


Thorhild County Council: (left to right) Joyce Pierce, Cheryl Pasay, Richard Filipchuk, Wayne Croswell & Kevin Grumetza 


"To achieve excellence in leadership, growth, communication and services 

to the ratepayers and residents of Thorhild County
in a fair, prudent, respectful, and equitable manner."


The Procedural Bylaw authorizes Thorhild County Council to deal with procedure and the transacting of business by County Council. 

Bylaw 12 -2107 Procedural Bylaw

The Code of Conduct Bylaw is for the purpose of providing basic rules for elected officials within Thorhild County.

Bylaw 27-2018 Council Code of Conduct


Policy 217 Public Participation

Policy 203 Council Remuneration


Your Elected Representatives 


Division 1

Richard Filipchuk

Phone: 780-656-0522



Division 2

Kevin Grumetza   

Phone:  780-398-2190
Cell:  780-288-5308


Division 3

Joyce Pierce

Cell:  780-271-8458



Division 4

Cheryl Pasay -
Deputy Reeve

Cell:  780-717-2769

Division 5


Wayne Croswell 
Cell:  780-977-2643