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Newbrook Observatory
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Newbrook Observatory

Newbrook observatory was a joint initiative between Canada and the united States in the Science of Space Study.

This site is located in the Hamlet of Newbrook at 5203-50th Avenue Newbrook, Alberta.

The Super-Schmidt Meteor Camera was successfully mounted in 1952.  Over 8,000 exposures were made with the meteor spectrographs at Newbrook up to the end of 1957, over which time many significant sightings and events occurred.  Including capturing the largest Canadian meteorite every recorded, which landed at the Hamlet of Abee, just 8 miles south of this site. 

In 1957 Mr. Art Griffin, the resident scientist, made international history by capturing the first photograph of the world’s first artificial satellite SPUTNIK. 

This facility remained in operation until 1970 in which both Newbrook and Meanook meteor observatories were closed.

The facility has been closed for years until recently when Thorhild County applied for a grant from the Alberta Historic Resources Foundation to restore this facility which was completed in 2020.  During the restoration, the outside of both the residence and observatory underwent a complete overhaul, with the last project to be completed in early 2021 which is the install of the skylight on the observatory building.  During this restoration Thorhild County worked very closely with their historic Advisor to ensure the facility was being restored to the original. 

Nearing completion of the restoration project the Newbrook Historical Society was able to get the exact replica of the Super-Schmidt camera, from the Meanook Observatory and have it installed once the sliding roof was operational.  The observatory is now fenced and home to the Super-Schmidt camera. 

This site was designated as a Provincial Historical Site in 1955.

For more information please see the link below for the Newbrook Historical Society.



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