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Be Wildfire Season Aware

Strong winds can create dry conditions and fuel winter burn sites that haven’t been fully extinguished. If you were burning brush piles through the winter, please regularly check burn sites to prevent surface wildfires from forming. Please ensure your property is insured for fire damages and regularly check fire advisories and fire bans as weather conditions can change quickly.

It’s important to note that Emergency Services Bylaw 16-2020 authorizes the County to recover costs for fire emergency services on private property. In particular, PART VIII - RECOVERY OF COSTS, section 27 (1) Emergency Services Charges states:

 (1)     Upon Emergency Services providing Emergency Services on a parcel of land within or outside the County’s boundaries,  the  County may,  in  its sole and absolute discretion, charge Emergency Services Charges to any or all of the following Persons, namely:

 (a)        the Person or persons causing or contributing to the fire;

 (b)        the Occupant of the parcel of land on which Emergency Services was provided;

(c)        the Owner of the parcel of land on which Emergency Services was provided;

(d)        the Person with control over the parcel of land on which Emergency Services was provided, which may include, without restriction, a property manager; and

(e)        the Person or Persons who requested Emergency Services;

and all Persons charged are jointly and severally liable for payment of the Emergency Services Charges to the County.

To read Bylaw 16-2020 in its entirety, click here.



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