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Enforcement SERVICES

The primary objectives of Enforcement Services is to ensure the following: 

  • public safety
  • protect County roads and infrastructure through commercial vehicle enforcement
  • promote traffic safety on municipal controlled roadways
  • provide animal control services
  • ensure bylaw and development compliance
  • ensure public complaints are handled in a prompt and expedient manner.

To file a complaint please call the toll free number 1-825-845-2020 or complete the Complaints Form and return directly to the Thorhild County Office.

If you have problems completing this form, please contact the County Office at 780-398-3741 during normal office hours. 

If you're looking to get involved in community safety, there is an active Citizens on Patrol (COP) chapter in Thorhild County.  To become a member you can contact Trevor at 780-656-8165. For more information about the program visit


Road Use Bylaw 17-2020 to regulate the use of roads by commercial vehicle within Thorhild County

Component Functions of Enforcement Services:



Evan Brown, Community Peace Officer
Justin Nagys, Community Peace Officer

To contact an officer please call the toll free number 1-825-845-2020

911 Emergencies




Traffic Safety Maximize
Animal Control Maximize
Nuisance and Unsightly Property Maximize