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Seniors Services

In partnership with the Thorhild and District Community Adult Learning Council and Family Community Support Services, programs and services are offered to Seniors in Thorhild County.

Seniors Priorities:

  • Connecting and reducing barriers with seniors to increase social and physical interaction.
  • Working with community seniors and service providers.
  • Providing programs and services based on community needs, including senior’s excursions and presentations.
  • Assisting individuals applying for government benefits and subsidies.


Transportation Program

Thorhild County offers transportation options to seniors/persons with disabilities in our community.

Radway Shopping Program

This program is offered to the residents of the Hamlet of Radway that have limited access to necessary services.  Participants meet the bus at the Radway Post Office at 9 AM and are returned with their packages to their homes by 12 PM (noon).

  1. 1st Tuesday of the month to Redwater
  2. 3rd Wednesday of the month to Thorhild

Seniors Monthly Excursion Programs

Monthly excursion trips are planned through the Newbrook, Thorhild and Radway Drop In Centers.  Contact the County office for contact information in your community. 

  • Thorhild:  3rd Tuesday of each month
  • Radway:  3rd Thursday of each month
  • Newbrook:  3rd Friday of each month

Please note that trip dates may change depending on the activity/destination the group chooses for that month.  Fees charged are $10/person. (subject to change)



FCSS Manager -
Carolyn Sedlowsky


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