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Agricultural Service Board (ASB)

The ongoing activity of Agricultural Services is to encourage production, profitability and sustainability of the agriculture industry in Thorhild County through information and program support.

The implementation of agricultural policies and the obligations for enforcement is specified under various Government of Alberta Acts including:

Along with the above responsibilities, the ASB promotes the sound management of surface water (drainage) on agricultural lands. Direction on programs and services is provided to Thorhild County Agricultural Services in regard to and in accordance with the budget as adopted by Thorhild County Council. 


JUNE 10, 2020 - Thorhild County Council unanimously declared a State of Agricultural Disaster.  Council will be lobbying the Minister of Agriculture, Devin Dreeshen to establish a disaster recovery program for 2020.




Alberta Invasive Plants Council Fact Sheets the complete list of Noxious Plants.

Black Knot Fungus 
Black Knot Fungus is a common fungus associated with the Prunus species. The most distinctive symptoms are black tar-like swellings along branches of the infected plant.  Click here on how to control Black Knot Fungus



Please be advised that Thorhild County Agricultural Services now has Ramik Green, a pellet bait for sale.

This is available for landowners within the County boundaries. The bait is very targeted for both Richardson Ground Squirrels and mice. Both the bait and the stations along with hardware are available for purchase.

If you have any further questions on the Richardson Ground Squirrel bait for sale, please call Agricultural Services at (780) 398-3977.  

Thorhild County 2% Liquid Strychnine Program


Please contact Agricultural Services staff to pre-order your 2% Liquid Strychnine. PMRA has outlined that the retailer will be able to buy and sell the product until March 4th of 2022 and producers will have until March 4th of 2023 to use the product. Product is limited so be sure to get your pre-order in. The County will sell the bottles at $10.50/bottle. Any questions or general inquiries, please contact Agricultural Services at (780) 398-3977.


Alberta Insect Pest Monitoring Network.  2020 Forecast Maps are now available. 

Indentification of Weeds 2020


Some of the Agricultural Service Board Programs are:



Agricultural Fieldman -
Clarence Dowhan


Agricultural Field Person - 
Sarah Rice




Tours and Training: 

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