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The Thorhild County Family Medical Clinic

is experiencing difficulties with our phone lines. If you are trying to call the clinic, please use this number for the time being:


We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Road Use Bylaw and Road Use Agreement 

Being a bylaw to regulate road use within Thorhild County.  Excerpts from the Bylaw. 

  • No person shall operate a Heavy Vehicle within the County except for the purposes of obtaining goods from or delivering goods to a location locally, and then only if the person takes the most direct route between the local delivery or collection point.
  • No person shall operate a Heavy Vehicle on a Restricted Route, except for the purposes of obtaining goods from, delivering goods to, or accessing a location immediately adjacent to the Restricted Route. Persons may be required to enter into a Road Use Agreement if they wish to use a Heavy Vehicle on a Restricted Route. 
  • Road Use Agreements will be required under the following conditions:
  • Any Heavy Vehicle using a Municipal Roadway, and
  • When the determination is made by the Director of Infrastructure, a Community Peace Officer or designate that the use is more than the normal average traffic, may or will likely cause damage. 
  • A Heavy Vehicle is a vehicle (excluding Recreational or Farm Use Vehicles) equal to or exceeding: 24,000 kilograms (24 tonnes) in registered gross vehicle weight.  

Road Use Bylaw 15-2018 and Road Use Agreement

Road Bans Effective Wednesday April 11, 2018

Road Bans have been placed on Thorhild County Roads.  

Do You Know What a Nurse Practitioner is?

More Details  on what services are available at the Thorhild County Family Medical Clinic


Then you may qualify for the NEW Small Business Property Sub-Class

Does you business have fewer than 25 full time employees across Canada as at December 31 2017? 

• A fulltime employee is someone that works a minimum of 37.5 hours a week on a regular basis. 

Are you the owner of a non-residential property in Thorhild County? 

• Non-residential property means;
linear property, components of manufacturing or processing facilities that are used for the cogeneration of power or other property on which industry, commerce or another use takes place or is permitted to take place under a land use bylaw passed by a council but does not include farm land or land that is used or intended to be used for permanent living accommodation.

The Owner of the Non-Residential Property must apply by the April 30, 2018 Deadline to receive the Small Business Property Sub-Class Tax Rate for your property for 2018.

Contact Administration at 780-398-3741 to see if you qualify.

Non Residential Small Business Sub Class Bylaw 14-2018

Declaration / Application Small Business Sub Class

2018 Fireline Equipment Contracts

Contractors are invited to register their equipment with Thorhild County Emergency Services for the 2018 Fire Season. 

Fireline Equipment Details

Fireline Equipment Contract

Contact: Chyenne Shaw, Manager Emergency and Protective Services

Nick Kuzyk, County Fire Chief

Thorhild County - 2018 Recreation, Cultural and Business Trade Show
Sponsored by:  Thorhild County and Thorhild Agricultural Society

Join us for the Trade Show on May 5, 2018!

Carolyn Sedlowsky at 780-398-2810 or e-mail

Sand and Gravel Operators   

Community Aggregate Payment Levy

As of July 1, 2018, the Community Aggregate Payment Levy will be increased from $0.25 per tonne to $0.40 per tonne.

All Operators in Thorhild County shall report all shipments of Aggregate in tonnes from any Pit within the boundaries of Thorhild County on a quarterly basis.  

Bylaw 10-2018 Community Aggregate Payment (CAP) Levy Bylaw

Sand and Gravel Shipments Report

For further information contact: 

Rick Nietupski, Manager of Public Works 


Request for Proposals - Custodian Contract Two(2) Year Term

Thorhild County invited proposals from interested contractors to provide custodial services. Proposals must be received no later than 11:00AM Local time on Friday, June 15,2018.Only electronic submissions must be submitted via email, in layered PDF format only. 

Click here for more information


Ben Berlinguette


Request for Tender

Thorhild County is requesting tenders for the supply Street and Sidewalk Improvements for the Hamlet of Thorhild. 

Click Here for Tender Information


Ben Berlinguette


Request for Proposal - 2018 Thorhild BIM Inspections 

RFP - 2018 BIM Inspections 


Ben Berlinguette


    Parent Link Programs click here

Parent Link has moved to a new location.

They are located at Thorhild Lodge  302-2nd Avenue

New phone is 780-656-6016